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Looking gorgeous, feeling fabulous and knowing that you are one sexy woman! Thats what I want from my after five wear. Is that too much to ask? It seemed that in this age of "thinner is Better" that the voluptuous woman so adored by all and worshipped by artists around the world many years ago had been forgotten. Here we were quietly tucked away in a one size fits all Osti and not allowing the real beauty that is 'larger than life' within us to come out.
Well all that has changed for me!

Big in Black will tempt you with a stunning collection of affordably priced totally irresistable after five wear, they offer us the once forgotten over 18's ( size wise) a chance to look and feel glamourous, sexy and totally fabulous on those special occasions. And if that is not enough for you, take the time to visit the store and experience the good old fashioned sales and service that has so long been forgotten in so many industries. This service combined with an extensive range of beautifully made clothing you won't see anywhere else will leave you as it did me knowing that i was looking gorgeous, feeling fabulous and that is was time and money well spent.
So many times people have commented and complimented me on my outfits and each time they bare the label Big in Black. But nothing compared to walking into a hotel recently in a long black dress and a beautiful animal print fully lined coat.Hearing a wolf whistle I turned and recieved a 'you look gorgeous' from a totally drop dead gorgeous stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey money WELL spent dont you think?



 Thankyou Clotaire ,i have just had my 9th dress made,thanks to you i feel like a woman!


Cindy K, NSW


Hi victoria,you have no idea how my sister felt when she wore the dress and overdress you made for sister a size 34 and has never looked forward to shopping until she met you.


thankyou for putting a smile on her face.

regards jason p berwick.




Dear Victoria and Clotaire.


The jacket has arrived safely today and l am thrilled with it. l would like you to know that l am very impressed with your company - the way that you have handled a difficult project has amazed and delighted me. You definitely go to the top of my shopping list.

Yours sincerely,





Hi Victoria Just a quick note to thankyou both for the maternity clothes you made,I was a hit at the 40th birthday.That jacket you made I think I have got you 3 orders from guests at the party.I will send them in to get measured up.

thanks again


Bronwyn West Geelong



Great new shop.We could not believe the size and the ammont of different styles and labels.l think l counted 14 different labels.I could not believe such beautiful clothes went to a size 30.Thankyou Thankyou







LAVENDER LACE LINGERIE    200 Thomas Street Dandenong 3175  9792.2734


Lingerie for the fuller figure.The difference is that Margaret, Victoria's mother is a fitter of 24 plus years. She has a good eye and is very honest. Ask about the wonder undie!!!!!









Andrew Bogut Acadamy